Seller Resources

Selling Tips

Tips for Selecting a Real Estate Professional. This booklet from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides information on the different ways to list and sell your home, and how these choices affect your cost to sell. The FTC is committed to establishing a competitive marketplace in real estate.

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell. Simple steps to prepare your home for potential buyers.

Pricing Your Home. The key to selling your home is pricing it correctly for current market conditions. This article lists 7 of the most common myths about home pricing.

Preparing for the Home Inspection. Most home sales include an inspection. Preparing now will make this process easier.


Important Consumer Information About Real Estate

How the Real Estate Cartel Harms Consumers and How Consumers Can Protect Themselves, by Stephen Brobeck and Patrick Woodall, June 2006, Consumer Federation of America.

State Real Estate Regulation: Industry Dominance and its Consumer Costs, by Patrick Woodall and Stephen Brobeck, July 2006, Consumer Federation of America.


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